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WHO I (really) AM
Who I (really) am
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Cinder block pile by Nolan Haan
Cinder block pile by Nolan Haan
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Wednesday • acrylic on silk
40 x 44 inches •$7,500 USD

Wednesday • acrylic on silk • 40 x 44 inches •$8,500 USD
Cinder Block as Days of the Week:
When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Western Samoa, I loved snorkeling on the reefs. Although stunningly beautiful, the reefs harbored real dangers, such as highly venomous sea snakes, moray eels, spiny sea urchins, lion fish, and sharks. As I paddled about on the surface of the water, I was justifiably jumpy. If anything brushed against me, like coconut, I'd freak out. One day I swam alone, leisurely floating on the surface, in awe of the staghorn coral just yards beneath me. Suddenly something brushed against my leg. As usual, I was jolted and turned to see what was attacking me. It was a dead horse.

When I recount this true story, I always love to see the surprise on the listener's face. A dead horse is the last thing anyone would have guessed. They remember the story, because of the shock of the surprise.

To be memorable, I believe the best artwork also offers up a surprise for the viewer. I try to use a cinder block as my surprise element, used in a way that no one else would have considered. One day I asked myself an unusual question: "What would my mental state on different days of the week look like if represented by piles of cinder blocks?" Many people look at me strangely when I tell them about this series, especially at cocktail parties. I rarely get the chance to brag that Monday is in the permanent collection of the Frost Art Museum, that Friday, was exhibited at the Boca Museum of Art, and that Wednesday helped me win the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship. I hope YOU enjoy a little surprise. In case you're curious, here's Monday and Friday:
Monday    acrylic on silk    72 x 36 inches
Friday by Nolan Haan
Friday    acrylic on silk   32 x 64 inches

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Complex Personality • acrylic on silk • 96" x 96"
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